Rubber Patches

RUBBER PATCHES Looking for something durable, bold and unique? PVC rubber patches are for you. This rubberized style is truly 3D and can weather the elements with its extreme durability. Any shape and color is possible and is always sewn on to the hat of your choice


DEKIT PATCHES We’ve partnered with DEKit to offer you something that’s never been done before: Custom engraved Marine EVA Foam Decking for Apparel. We’ve spent countless hours testing adhesives that can offer a permanent bond between DEKit and fabric and we’re proud to announce we’ve found the solution. We are the FIRST headwear company to…

Woven Patches

WOVEN PATCHES Woven patches have thin threads and a tight weave which produces a high-resolution finished product.This patch style works great for designs with crisp details that you want to pop. Add a merrowed border to stand out even more or go minimalist with no border.

Embroidered Patches

EMBROIDERED PATCHES Twill cotton backing and high-quality embroidery combined into a patch with a Merrowed border. Embroidered patches are the most traditional and popular patches on the market, and for good reason. Many background colors to choose from with unlimited embroidery and Merrowed border color options.